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There are zillions of recipes for margaritas. And though they all vary as far

as taste and ingredients are concerned, most have one thing in common --

they're incredibly caloric! In fact, most contain between 250 - 500

calories. But margaritas are fun, and they taste great. They're also

fantastic "virgin" style (without alcohol), in case you're not old enough to

drink or just prefer not to. In any case, you'll LOVE HG's Magical Low-


Margarita. It's yummy, refreshing and it'll fool everyone you know into

thinking they're sipping a real, high-calorie version of the popular cocktail.

HG's Magical Low-Calorie Margarita
PER SERVING (entire recipe, 1 margarita): 115 calories, 0g fat, 55mg sodium, 2g carbs, 0g fiber,
<0.5g sugars, 0g protein -- PointsPlus® value 4*


3/4 cup Sierra Mist Free (or Diet Sprite Zero, or your other fave no-cal

lemon-lime soda)

*1.5 oz. tequila

1 packet (two 5-calorie servings) sugar-free powdered drink mix, lemonade

(like the one by Crystal Light) 2 tbsp. lime juice

Optional: lime slice for garnish and salt or no-calorie sweetener for rim of



If desired, run some lime juice along the rim of the glass and dip into a dish

of salt or sweetener. Mix all ingredients together. Pour over 1 cup of crushed

ice. Optional: Garnish with lime slice. Enjoy. Serves 1!

*You can also make your margaritas alcohol-free. Each recipe, without

tequila, contains around 20 calories!

Fun Margarita Facts!

The world was introduced to the margarita in the late-1930s, by a bartender

named Danny Herrera.

The frozen margarita was invented in Dallas, Texas in the early 70s.

If you want to make your HG margarita frozen, you may want to check out

this handy item.




July is National Ice Cream Month. Sounds like the PERFECT time to try out

one of HG's fave creamy, frozen items.


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