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Hungry Girl Today: 08.02.06


Dear Hungry Girl,

I’m planning a weekend getaway, but it’s impossible to know what my food
choices will be on location and on the road. Any tips on how to prep for the

Timid Traveler

Dear Timid Traveler,

Vacations (especially road trips) can be scary and a pain to those of us who
are food-conscious. Face it; rest stop food, fast food, convenience store
food, and gas station fare are all fairly frightening. The trick is to bring on-
the-go, easy-to-pack, guilt-free snacks to keep you fueled between meals, or
to use as meal-replacements. Here's a list of things that have saved me on
planes and trains, as well as car trips and in hotel rooms: nutrition bars
(keep 'em low, like 100 Calorie Balance Bars, Pria Bars or Gnu Bars), miso
soup packets, rice cakes, single-serving low-fat microwavable popcorn, low-
cal hard candies, instant oatmeal packets, turkey jerky, fresh cut fruits and
veggies, light string cheese and controlled-portion snacks (i.e. 100 Calorie
Packs). Still want more? Check out this Snacks-A-Go-Go email. Happy

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Dear HG,

Whenever I order a cocktail, I go for either a vodka tonic or a gin and tonic.
I figure I'm being good because the only calories in it come from the alcohol,
right? Please advise!


Dear Tonic-Sipper,

I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. Whoever told you that tonic
water is calorie-free was sadly mistaken. That stuff is practically all sugar
and has 10 calories an ounce. So if you have a cocktail with 6 oz. of the
stuff, you're adding 60 calories and lots of sugar to your drink. And, tonic
doesn't even taste that good. Instead of ordering regular tonic, ask for (or
purchase, if you're mixing up drinks at home) DIET tonic. That stuff has no
calories at all. If you're at a bar or restaurant that doesn't have diet tonic,
just go for club soda instead. That stuff is fizzy and has no calories. Hope I
cleared up any confusion.



Today, August 2nd, is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. If you can wait a
day to celebrate, we've got an INSANE recipe for mini ice-cream-sandwich-
like items coming up tomorrow. If not, gobble up a Skinny Cow one today!

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