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Hungry Girl Today: 08.21.06


HG's 150,000th Subscriber Contest!

WOWSERS! Hungry Girl is fast approaching the 150,000 subscriber mark. In
fact, we expect to hit that number EXTREMELY soon. To help celebrate, and
also to encourage YOU, our faithful readers, to spread the word about HG,
we're giving away some insanely delicious and fun prizes. Our 150,000th
subscriber AND the person who told them about Hungry Girl, will EACH win a
year's supply of the most insanely creamy and delicious guilt-free ice cream
on the planet -- Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light. All you need to do is
have your pals sign up for our daily emails and enter YOUR email address in
the "How did you hear about Hungry Girl?" section. If they're our 150,000th
subscriber, you'll EACH win free ice cream for 12 months! That's one
container a week, for an entire year! In addition, we're giving HG goodies
(like t-shirts, floaty pens, charm bracelets, and keychains) to 20 more people
at random. So start telling everyone you know to sign up for HG NOW!

Book Finds!

The Supermarket Diet Cookbook - For those of you who like to plan ahead
(WAY ahead!), pre-order a copy of this book, which features recipes for
tasty, diet-friendly meals you can make at home. It won't be out for several
months, but you can nab The Supermarket Diet (the sister book) right now.
BTW, both of these books are brought to us from our pals over at Good

The Dorm Room Diet - The Dorm Room Diet: The 8-Step Program for
Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works is a new book that helps
students to make smarter, healthier choices in the cafeteria and avoid
common pitfalls of college life. Kiss that Freshman 15 goodbye...

Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir - While not the type of book we'd typically
write about, we're plugging this one 'cuz the author, Stephanie Klein, is an
HG pal/subscriber who has a freakishly popular blog. The book is about
moving on after a failed marriage, and it's smart, funny, and candid. It's
also pretty racy, so consider yourself warned. BTW, Steph, who has also
struggled with weight issues her entire life, is busy writing her next book
(tentatively titled Moose) about her summer at a weight loss camp

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Cool New Stuff...

Green Giant Just for One! - Wow! Individual trays of broccoli and yummy
cheese sauce for just 60 calories and 3 grams of fat. HG Hint: Try
smothering your Shirataki noodles in the stuff...

Gerber Veggie Puffs, Corn - We yapped about the Banana Fruit Puffs a few
weeks ago, but this week we discovered that these puffs also exist in Corn.
You can eat 80 of these crunchy 'n sweet little corn critters for just 25
calories and no fat.

Ben & Jerry's Room Sprays - Satisfy your urge to bury your head in a frozen
confection from Ben & Jerry's by sniffing some B & J's sprays instead.
Dream of a room that smells like waffle cones, chocolate chip cookie dough
or chocolate fudge brownies? You're SO in luck!

Gnu Bar, Chocolate Brownie - Our fave, chewy, fiber-packed bars now come
in a fudgy chocolate flavor that's out of this world and only has 140 calories!


The Buzz...

Is Stevia the sweetener to the stars? Despite its NOT being approved for use
as a sweetener by the FDA, the herbal product Stevia's popularity is on the
rise. Some say this is due to a carefully crafted PR campaign that put the
stuff into the hands of entertainment moguls and Hollywood celebs.
Interested in trying it out for yourself? Find it at Whole Foods and health
food stores. ***Wanna stop buying all that extra junk near the cash
registers at supermarkets? Use the self-checkout lines. New research shows
that shoppers who utilize self-checkout purchase WAY fewer impulse items.
Woohoo! ***OK, this has nothing to do with anything, but we're mesmerized
by this meatcake that has been making its way around the web. LOOK AT
IT! It's beautiful! It's not something we recommend eating (though if you
made a version with lean turkey meat and egg whites...). ***Oh, just a few
more short weeks left to avoid the limited time only "Funnel Cake Carnival"
at IHOP. Who thinks it's a good idea to add two funnel cakes to a b-fast
combo? FYI, an average funnel cake contains 450 - 800 calories and 25 - 47
grams of fat. Don't get sucked in to this one, people! That's all we've got.
HG out!


Today, August 21st, is National Spumoni Day. Spumoni is an Italian dessert
made of ice cream, candied fruit and nuts. Celebrate with a scoop of
Dreyer's/Edy's NSA Neapolitan Ice Cream with a splash of Torani SF syrup in
Hazelnut or Almond.

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