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Hungry Girl Today: 08.28.06


Label Updates...

Dr. Praeger's - A few months back, there was a little issue with the nutritional
labeling on Dr. P's veggie burgers. Since then, the burgers were
reformulated and repackaged. The company stands by their current
labeling. Please note that their American Heart Association seal has been
removed from the packages. We love Praeger's products, but we highly
recommend blotting the oil off (very well!) before swallowing 'em!

Galaxy Granola - Wow, if only we had a dime for every email we've received
about the recent changes made to Galaxy Granola's labels. The once 87
calories per 1/2 cup Not Sweet Vanilla Munch recently shot up to an
astounding 155 calories per 1/2 cup. Here's the deal; the company recently
changed hands, and the new owners had the product tested and have
decided to be honest (thank you!) and post the real nutritional info.
Apparently, the stuff had been mislabeled all along. It's a scary world out
there, people...

Spotted On Shelves...

Kellogg's All-Bran Snack Bites - We've heard nothing but raves about these
crunchy little 100-calorie, 5g-of-fat, fiber-packed snacks that come in Brown
Sugar Cinnamon and Honey Oat & Strawberry. We can't wait to give 'em a

Lender's NY Style Bagels - If you dig doughy bagels, Lender's has got a
line featuring some healthier bagel options. Select varieties of their New
York Style Bagels are made with whole grains and come in flavors like 100%
Whole Wheat, Whole Grain-Multi Grain, and Whole Grain Cinnamon Raisin.
Found in your market's fresh bread section, these things are huge and not
exactly low-cal (270-280 calories), but they pack in 7-8 grams of fiber.

Quaker Steel Cut Oats - If instant oatmeal isn't your thing, check out the new
steel-cut oatmeal from our oaty pals over at Quaker. (Pssst-- steel-cut
oatmeal has more fiber and slows down the absorption of sugar.)

Tropicana Pure 100% Juices - These premium 100% juice blends are rich in
antioxidants and come in flavors like Mango Orange and Pomegranate
Blueberry. HG Tip! Since they do pack in a LOT of calories (110-130 per 8
oz.), we recommend adding only a few ounces of the stuff to crushed ice and
water -- or to diet lemon-lime soda. It's an AWESOME way to make your
own yummy, low-cal beverage! Look for them in the produce section, not
the juice aisle.

Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Scales For Dieters - Perhaps you'll fear the scale less if it has cute, funny
pictures on it. A company called Art de Toilette is banking on it. They've
produced a line of bathroom scales that feature images of fatty foods, and
other diet-ish things -- like a battle between a hot dog and hot dog bun, a
box of chocolate, etc. Click here to check 'em out.


Bacon Wallet - If you crave bacon, but avoid it 'cuz it's not healthy, here's a
way to get your fix. It's a bacon wallet! Silly? Yes. Cute, funny and
attention-getting? Suuure! We're not sure why, but we love this thing.


In-Car Coffee Makers - Ok, if you think talking on the cell phone is a driving
distraction, how about a fully functional espresso machine that lives on the
armrest between the driver and passenger? If you're going to indulge in
such a silly piece of equipment when it becomes available (it's currently in
development, thanks to Audi), we recommend going for the back seat
version, so you can't actually become a barista while driving your vehicle.

The Buzz...

This just in from the exciting world of berries; a new study shows that they
may protect against damage to brain function in aging adults. The results of
this study are in line with similar findings from studies conducted over the
past eight years. Go berries! ***If you're one of those people who've
jumped on the dark chocolate bandwagon (it's way healthier than milk
chocolate), you'll be happy to know that M&M's Dark Chocolate Candies have
become a permanent addition to the line. Woohoo! ***Would it creep you
out to know that your favorite yogurt may be colored that pretty pink thanks
to the help of crushed beetles? If so, forget you just read that. That's all
we've got. HG out!

Reminder! Tomorrow, August 29th, is More Herbs, Less Salt Day. Prepare
for the herbing...

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