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Hungry Girl Today: 09.01.06


Labor Day, the last big summer event, is here...and that means BBQs &
party foods. But don’t worry -- HG's got your back. Check out some of these
guilt-free ideas...

What About Kebab?

Everyone will LOVE these tasty grill-tastic kebabs! And they’ll never even
know how many calories and fat grams you're saving ‘em…

Grab a pack of wooden skewers, an assortment of your favorite veggies
(onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes work great!), and some
bite-sized lean protein (shrimp, scallops, chicken chunks, even tuna steak!).
Soak the skewers in water for a few, while chopping your veggies. Load 'em
up, alternating between veggies and the uncooked meat and fish. Now these
babies are ready to be tossed on the grill! Spritz with some lemon, or
flavor ‘em with some of our great finds below...

'Tis the Season

While these go great with our sassy skewers, use these fabulous finds to
zazzle up any BBQ item -- GUILT-FREE!

Lawry’s Marinades - These are so good, it’s kind of alarming. They come in
oodles of flavor combos like Caribbean Jerk (which sounds like a mean
Jamaican, but is actually a fruity, zesty party in a bottle), Teriyaki with
Pineapple Juice, and Louisiana Red Pepper. Best of all, most are around 15
calories per tablespoon and fat-free! Use ‘em on poultry, beef, seafood,
veggies; you name it! Check 'em out!


Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blends - Each and every one of the Mrs.’ blends is
100% salt-free & calorie-free! And these are no ordinary flavors either;
experiment with Tomato Basil Garlic, Southwest Chipotle, and Italian
Medley. We still, however, love the Original Blend best...


Cocktail Time!

When you’re at someone else’s BBQ, your beverage choices may be limited.
But before you give up and start guzzling the frozen margaritas (which can
contain as much as 500 calories each!), try our clever Sangria-Seltzer Twist!
Easy to assemble -- anywhere, anytime!

HG’s Sangria-Seltzer Twist - Grab a glass and make a beeline for the fruit
tray. No fruit tray? Hit up the bar for slices of orange, lemon, and lime.
Give your favorite fruit wedges a little squeeze before dropping them into
your glass. Add 1 oz. of liquor (rum or vodka is yummy) and top with
calorie-free seltzer. If your party-throwers are winos, top your glass with a
splash of red or blush wine. Now you’ve got a fancy, signature drink that
only contains around 100 calories!

HG’s Labor Tips 'n Tricks...


Wet and shiny foods- That means no mayo-soaked sides, dressing-doused
salads, or oily appetizers. Dyin’ for some of those sides? Casually drain the
excess moisture off the plate, and use a paper towel to soak up the rest.
You can even rinse coleslaw 'til the water runs clear if you can find a sink
(you're better off trying this at your own home).


Be a pro! One thing we LOVE about BBQs and summer parties is the
abundance of yummy lean & protein-packed foods. Load up your plate with
your favorites. Need a lesson on your best on-the-grill bets? Veggie burgers
& fat-free franks earn top honors. Grilled chicken comes in second. Burgers
& full-fat franks are a last resort. And pair your choice with crisp veggies &
salad, like some iceberg lettuce and juicy tomatoes, instead of a soggy bun!
Then go condiment crazy with these low-cal choices—zesty mustard,
ketchup, pickles, salsa, hot sauce, and light dressings (skip the mayo, BBQ
sauce, and cheeses).

Labor Day Shockers!

* The average BBQ meal contains 3,500 calories! That's at least 1,500
more calories than the average person should have in an entire day!

* In 2001, Americans consumed 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day
and Labor Day alone! That’s a collective 2,205,000,000,000 calories!

* One serving of BBQ pork ribs delivers 68 grams of fat and 1,360 calories!
FYI…it’d take nearly 6 HOURS of post-BBQ clean up to burn off all those



Today is the first day of Better Breakfast Month. Remember to eat BETTER b-
fasts in September (and every month that follows). Try some oatmeal, an
egg white scramble, or one of HG's super recipes...

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HG REMINDER! There will be no HG email sent this coming Monday,
September 4th. Happy Labor Day!

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