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Hungry Girl Today: 09.20.06


Dear Hungry Girl,

My friend Samantha and I eat at Chipotle all the time and we LOVE it. Thing

is, she gets her "burrito" on a plate with lettuce as opposed to wrapped in a

tortilla. We're always arguing about how many calories that tortilla has. How

bad can it be? I'd guess it has about 120 - 150 calories. I'm right, right?


Dear Perplexed,

Are you sitting? If not, I'll wait. Ok, that 13" tortilla isn't quite as innocent as

you think. It manages to pack in a whopping 330 calories and 8 grams of

fat! That's an awful lot of calories to tack on to your Chipotle meal. You'd be

WAY better off assembling a tortilla-less "burrito" consisting of chicken (220

calories), black beans (130 calories), and tomatillo salsa (28 calories for red,

15 for green), along with some salad veggies. Skip that crazy tortilla, rice,

cheese, sour cream and guacamole, and you can save yourself 700 plus

calories and over 40 grams of fat. Chipotle ROCKS, you just need to be

careful there (and no, careful doesn't include downing that 490-calorie 4 oz.

serving of tortilla chips...).

Dear HG,

I am a smoothie addict and was wondering if you had any experience with

any store-bought smoothies. I know you recommended some light ones

from Dannon and Yoplait a while back. Got anything else for me? I'm bored.


Dear Smoothie-Freak,

You are SO in luck. I recently discovered some incredible smoothies from a

company called LightFull Foods. They're called Satiety Smoothies and they

are really incredible. For starters, they're BIG (11 ounces), and they contain

just 90 - 100 calories and 0 - 1 gram of fat each. And they manage to cram

5 - 6 grams of fiber into each one, too, which is totally impressive. You can

find these awesomely creamy 1-Point treats at Whole Foods, Safeway, Vons,

Dominick’s, Randalls, and other stores across the U.S. Even better (in case

you can't find them), you can order them on They come in a

slew of flavors, but I think the best BY FAR is the Peaches & Cream. The

Chocolate Fudge is also great, and so are the Cafe Latte and Strawberries &

Cream flavors. I guess I like them all, now that I think about it. The

nutritionals on these things are super-impressive and these really fill you up.

I highly recommend checking 'em out. :)

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